We’re not your average sports bar.

The best place in Winnipeg to watch the game

Lets face it, there’s more than a few places you can go to get out of the house and enjoy the game. Why settle for your average sports bar when you can have the best. Food, service, drinks and of course a good time, no one does it quite like us.

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Game Day Specials

Bomber Games

$7.50 Skyy Vodka &
Forty Creek doubles

Everyday Drink Specials

  • Sunday – $3.25 Budweiser and Bud light bottles, $5.00 High Balls
  • Monday – $5 Budweiser and Bud Light glasses (16oz)
  • Tuesday – $2 off CCB&G Cocktails $6, Conquista Malbec
  • Wednesday – $1 off local beers, $2 off Barn & Hammer beers
  • Thursday – $5 Okanagan Springs (16oz), $5 off bottles of wine
  • Friday – $5 Sapporo (16oz), $6 Santa Carolina & Folonari wine
  • Saturday – $5 Rolling Rock (16oz), $1 to Double Bar Rail, $10 off Prosecco bottles

Comfort & Food

Our open concept lounge really is the most comfortable place to catch the game. It’s like being at home except you don’t have to cook, clean, or serve your own food.

Did we mention that all our food including our salad dressings are prepared in house? That next morning sickness that could have either been from the beer or the questionable wings you ate doesn’t need to happen anymore, we’ve got you.

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