A Closer Look at the Customs Clearance Process

The process of customs clearance in Dubai refers to a procedure that allows shippers to import and export goods from abroad to a foreign country. It can be simplified into two steps import clearance and export clearance. Export clearance is the first phase that is undertaken before the shipment of goods out of the originating country; while import clearance is that phase that takes place once the shipment has been cleared and received at the destination country. Thus, you will be able to understand the difference between the two.

Why is the customs clearance process undertaken?

Well, the main reason why the custom clearance process is undertaken is to ensure that the shipment you are sending does not fall in the category of prohibited items. There are several reasons for the checking of the shipment and inspection of the shipment including, checking the good condition of the product, checking the source of the shipment and the expiry date of the product, inspect the value and expiry date of the product, etc.

How are custom clearance duties paid?

In most cases, the payment for custom clearance usually depends on the country where the shipper is registered with. In some cases, however, the duty fees are paid directly to the customs department. Some countries also allow the shipper to make payments through third-party channels such as credit cards etc. However, the payments for these procedures are normally small.

When should I start my custom clearance work?

The importer should start his custom clearance procedure after he has received the notification from the concerned department to send the goods. You should request your department to send you the required documentation relating to the registration of the goods. Usually, it is hard to obtain this documentation. However, if you are very patient, you may be able to procure the necessary paperwork quite easily.

How do I get the paperwork ready for customs clearance?

Once you are informed about the shipment, the next step would be to fill out the customs clearance form with the necessary information. The next step would be to send the completed form to the carrier by air or sea. If the shipper is registered with a department that is authorized to clear the shipments through customs, you may obtain the documentation easily.

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