Some of the Best Preschool Kids Activities

You can create a number recognition and correspondence game using a deck of cards. Hands-on as We Grow came up with an activity where preschoolers “slap” pre-taped cards onto matching cards. It can also be adapted to a class scavenger hunt. You can also make golf tees out of Styrofoam and use them to interchange letters on ping pong balls. Read here some great preschool kids activities.

Fish School

If you’re looking for fun ways to keep toddlers occupied during the preschool year, consider using an app like Fish School. This app includes a colorful school of fish that will teach your child the alphabet, shapes, and numbers from one to twenty. It uses a touch screen to control the game, allowing your child to use their finger to tap a fish and watch it grow. Fish School is free to download and can be used on iOS and Android.

No Time for Flashcards

No time for flashcards is a website with educational activities for children. Its free downloads and resources allow parents and educators to host classroom or homeschool activities with creativity and ease. Here are a few ideas for using the website. One is to introduce flashcards with simple games that help your toddler learn new words and letters. These games may not be as complex as you think, but they will still engage your child in the learning process.

Letter familiarity game

Look no further than this letter familiarity game if you’re looking for preschool kids’ activities that get their creative juices flowing. This activity, by Hands-on, as We Grow, takes a classic connect-the-dots game and gives it a modern spin. Instead of writing the letters in a random pattern, the children are instructed to connect the letters in any order they choose, as long as all the G’s are associated.


Preschoolers are a precious gift to your world, and there are several ways to show it. Crafts for preschool kids are great ways to give them a creative outlet. Preschoolers enjoy making all sorts of crafts, and many of them are great ways to learn new skills. 


Hidden Match is a classic game that helps children develop their listening and social skills. This game involves spreading out cards with matching pairs flipped over. Kids turn over two cards at a time until they find a matching pair. The objective of the game is to match all pairs in the room.